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Euromarkpat Mongolia

The EUROMARKPAT representation in Ulaanbaatar was opened in 1999.

All correspondence is handled through our Munich office.

The directors of our Mongolian representation are Mrs. Y. Enkhtuvshin and Mr. D. Demberel . There is a staff of 2 employees.

Dr. Yundengin ENKHTUVSHIN (Ph.D.), Executive Director

Yundengin Enkhtuvshin is a trained patent expert. She graduated from the National University of Mongolia in1976 and holds 5 years of teaching and informatics qualifications. In 2004 she successfully obtained her doctorate in linguistics from the Russian Federation.

Prior to joining Euromarkpat Mongolia Ltd., after her graduation Yundengin Enkhtuvshin started her work experience as a lecturer in the National University of Mongolia, and from 1978 as a research fellow in the Science & Technology Information Center. Since 1989 she has a long and distinguished professional career as a national trademarks expert in the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia. From 1999 until present, Yundengin Enkhtuvshin is working as a trademark attorney and Executive Director of the EUROMARKPAT branch office in Ulaanbaatar.

Damdinsuringen DEMBEREL, Deputy Director

Damdinsuringen Demberel graduated from the Mongolian University of Science & Technology in 1971 with a degree in heating engineering. He has a wide-ranging work experience.

Damdinsuringen Demberel started his working career as an engineer in the Sharyn Gol mining fields. In 1981 he joined the State Commission on Science & Technology as a patent expert in the Innovation & Inventions Department. He was promoted as Director General of the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia from 1990 onwards. In 1999  Damdinsuringen Demberel started working as a patent attorney and Deputy Director of the EUROMARKPAT branch office in Ulaanbaatar.

He is a member of the Association of Mongolian Intellectual Property Attorneys and was elected as President of the Association of Mongolian Inventors.

Demberel BATDELGER, Office Manager

Demberel Batdelger is a graduate from the Otgontenger University, Mongolia (2001) in German language studies with teaching and translation/interpretation qualifications.

He has started his professional career as Office Manager with Euromarkpat MongoliaLtd.

Demberel Batdelger is a member of the Association of Mongolian Intellectual Property Attorneys.