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Euromarkpat Kosovo

Bregu i Diellit
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Since 2008 we have been able to represent our clients in Kosovo. The director of our Kosovo representation is Mr. Fatos REXHAJ, who is a Kosovarian Patent and Trademark Attorney. Mr. Rexhaj speaks English fluently and does all correspondence with the clients directly in English.

Dr. Fatos REXHAJ

Dr. Fatos REXHAJ was born in Prizren 1978. Studied Medicine at State University of Tirana, graduating in 2003 as a General Medical Practitioner. Kosovarian Patent Attorney since 2007. INTA member as of November 2007. Dr. Rexhaj has extensive experience in revalidation. Fluent in English, Serbian and Croatian. Collects prehistoric relics and spends his leisure time performing charity work.